Hello, I’m Yvette! 

  I am a wife and mother of three amazing young adult children.  My professional background is Systems Engineering and Project Management, and I love building things and coming up with solutions.   

My passion is helping people that are still trying to find themselves during the last quarter of their career.  Finding yourself at fifty is a real thing.  We all have dedicated our prime years to careers, raising families, or both.  During your fifties, you feel a need to serve others, accomplish more, and leave a legacy, all while maintaining and preserving your health.  Starting a new career or passion can seem risky at this stage in your life, but it does not have to be that intimidating.  I can help you find new approaches to meet your new goals for a happier, valued, and fulfilled life. This may seem out of reach, but I am here to tell you, “You can do it, let me help!”

My Story

After working in the Federal Government for 16 Years and being at the height of my career, I decided to resign and take on the biggest role in my life, “Motherhood!”  I left a career that I loved and was thriving in to stay at home full-time and raise my three beautiful children.   While these were amazing years, little did I know that my life was about to be turned upside down with some health challenges.  Every challenge builds strength, character, and courage.   

After 8 years of being home, my family decided that it was a good time to return to work and complete my career as a Public Servant.  In hindsight, I realized that my children needed me more in their pre-teen and teenage years, but we all persevered, and they are now young adults doing amazing things.  When I returned into the workforce, I was hit with a reality check–having a gap in your professional career is not easy, the work environment has changed, I miss the flexibility of being at home with my children.  While the gap in my resume was filled with a few updates to my skill set and the willingness and determination to learn and succeed, the time away from my children was harder to get back.   

These past few years, I have been looking into ways to have the best of both worlds.   It is possible and I want to teach you. 

My Values & Beliefs

Success in a healthy manner is the primary goal

If you do not have a healthy body and mindset, then success is pointless.

Things Happen For a Reason

Sometimes we are faced with lessons to learn from, and these lessons can be used to gain knowledge and experience that may serve you and others. 

Mindset Matters

Determination, persistence, and motivation are necessary for success.

My Approach

I work with you to identify your life and career goals, to determine where you are, where you want to be, and research, assess and identify gaps and interim steps that are critical for your success.   

Together we identify a realistic timeframe for achieving your goals.  We create a roadmap and blueprint to illustrate milestones and the critical path to help you attain and accomplish your goals.   

I collaborate with you to determine progress, next steps, and risks or concerns.   My techniques ensure that you are successful in implementing and executing your personal roadmap.


Featured Publications

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